WTF Wednesday: strange silence after racist taunts at RNC

In case you haven’t heard, two people were ejected from the Republican National convention for throwing nuts at a black camerawoman and saying, “This is how we feed animals.”

Yes. In 2012.

The racist incident is obviously very disturbing on its own merit. But in addition to that, where’s the follow-up reporting? CNN has confirmed it, but no one will say whether the two people ejected were delegates or just fans who got tickets to the convention. Or perhaps they were even employees of CNN or some other press organization or the convention center. I realize there might be legal implications to actually naming and shaming these individuals, but surely we could at least be told whether or not they were delegates.

And the fact that we haven’t been told makes me think these people are significant in some way, and that’s why the press has gone quiet on us. The public has a right to know if these people are in positions anywhere near any sort of power to push a racist agenda in law. The Republican party is already doing all it can to keep blacks from voting in Florida and other states. What are we supposed to think if they shield these people?


  1. Casey says

    Besides this, I also heard there was loud a “USA!” chant and booing when a Puerto Rican person with an accent was speaking. >:S

  2. says


    Really? If it weren’t hurtful, that would be hilarious… because Puerto Rico IS part of the U.S.A.

    Maybe we should take up a collection and buy these people a sense of shame, because it’s clear they don’t have any.

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